DealCloud – Due Diligence Software

Due diligence application streamlines your entire process, coming from requests to reporting. Easily access crucial data and employ it to make better decisions about your deals, strategies, and connections.

Streamline your diligence work flow with automation and shut fast security features. Centralize firmwide data within a place to enhance collaboration and ensure the safety of the files.

DealCloud’s purpose-built deal and relationship supervision platform makes due diligence basic. It includes a efficient process, customizable dashboards that align using your firms’ completely unique needs, and automated reporting that keeps teams on track and informed.

Research Playbooks for each and every Deal Type

Our playbooks make it easy for teams to efficiently acquire all essential information for each and every due diligence stage. From development to lumination and total diligence, GDPR compliance, industry-specific playbooks, and even more, there’s a due diligence playbook for any deal and concern.

Product Homework

A good research process should certainly provide you with a precise picture of a business’s products, costs, and profits. The information also need to reveal any potential dangers the business may possibly pose to your company.

Dealer Due Diligence

A large number of outsourced vendors need regular due diligence reviews to ensure that their offerings and technology are up to par with your small business. These distributors might involve third parties that handle buyer data, supply non-essential office products, or even conduct marketing and different functions on your behalf.

LogicManager’s Custom made Profile & Visibility Rules allow you to immediately gather vendor-specific details and accomplish due diligence based on the risks that they can pose (i. y., do they have entry to PII? ). We’ll convert this qualitative data into quantitative evaluation data to assist you prioritize your time and efforts and resources to address these risks.